Africa Schoolhouse is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing quality education, medical care, job training and clean water to rural villages in Northern Tanzania. We approach every project as a collaboration, taking direction from community liaisons and local government representatives so that we can build the most effective facilities possible.

Africa Schoolhouse began in Ntulya, Tanzania in 2006. Village elders approached founder Dr. Aimée Bessire with the idea of building a school for their children and a medical clinic for the entire community. Dr. Bessire, who has a decades long relationship with the people of Ntulya, left the conversation that night determined to take action. Within six months, the Africa Schoolhouse board was assembled.

After methodically assembling a local team, we broke ground on the Ntulya Primary School and campus in July 2008 and completed construction in 2010.  Dr. Jakaya Kikwete, then-President of the United Republic of Tanzania, visited and inaugurated the new school, declaring it a model for all rural schools in the country. A modern medical clinic funded by GO Campaign was completed in 2011 and now serves approximately 4,500 people.

We continued working in the region with the renovation of Shilanona Primary School and Mwaniko Secondary School. Improvements at these locations include building the first bio-chemistry lab and installing the first solar-powered computer lab in the district.

Africa Schoolhouse is currently constructing the first all-girls boarding school in Misungwi District.