The goal is for all of our projects to deliver positive, lasting change.

Africa Schoolhouse believes that you can’t educate children or provide medical care for people if there aren’t schools or clinics in which to do so. Our experience has shown us that people need safe places in which to thrive, and we believe in building those spaces using sustainable materials, innovative techniques, and a local workforce. 

  • 100% of our building materials are sourced for sustainability and purchased from local vendors
  • every project begins by installing a clean, deep well to provide a long-lasting supply of fresh water for both the school and the widespread community
  • aggregate is chipped from local boulders
  • bricks are fired on-site using rice husks rather than wood to avoid contributing to deforestation
  • carefully planned landscaping yields shade protection from the hot sun
  • composting latrines reduce environmental destruction and health hazards by protecting the ground water
  • cisterns are installed to take advantage of the long rainy season
  • roofs are designed to insulate against intense heat and withstand strong rains while allowing maximum air circulation
  • experimenting with window designs ensures that there is sufficient lighting, airflow, and protection from the elements
  • solar power is installed whenever possible