Thousands of people now have access to life-saving medical care.

The Ntulya Health Post was constructed through the generous funding of the GO Campaign. Working with the community and local government to identify the need, Africa Schoolhouse built this modern clinic in an effort to bring life-saving medical treatment to six remote villages in the Misungwi District of Tanzania.

Patients are now receiving medicine for diseases that, if left untreated, can be fatal. The clinic includes wards for men and women, a birthing room, examination room, and dispensary, as well as houses for the on-site doctor, nurses and volunteers. In a rural area without electricity, Africa Schoolhouse brought solar power to the Ntulya Health Post for after-dark emergencies, labor and delivery.

The Health Post treats children and adults for malaria and respiratory tract infections like pneumonia. It offers vaccinations supplied by the local Health Department for TB, polio, diphtheria, tetanus, and more. Women receive pre and post-natal care, delivery assistance, and family planning education. Additional services include: health counseling, oral hygiene care, general wound care, circumcisions, HIV/AIDS testing, and life-saving anti-malarial medication.

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